Dear Reader,

I have a MSc. in electrical engineering & finance and speak 4 languages (English, French, Greek, German). I am an investor and a freelance financial writer who has accumulated over 25 years of experience investing and trading in several international markets (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe). I have managed money from time to time and the return of my portfolio often exceeds 100% per year.

I started my subscription service in H2 2014, because I wanted to help self-directed individual investors think out of the box and profit from the stock market by paying an extremely low monthly fee ($9.16/month). I know that many retail investors cannot afford an investment advisor, while the analysts rarely "work" for the average retail investor.

However, the retail investor can afford my meagre lunch in a Chinese buffet restaurant on a monthly basis in order to get my investment ideas. In other words, I believe that my Bulletin currently offers the best value for money among all the other newsletters. And, I am confident that the reward will more than offset the extremely low cost for this subscription. 

In this Bulletin, you will find both bullish and bearish ideas. You will have the opportunity to access companies that are under-followed, under-appreciated and/or haven’t hit the mainstream media yet. I also like discovering value stocks which are poorly understood with contrarian perspectives and/or an asymmetric risk/reward profile. 

Coverage includes a variety of industries, like commodities (oil, natural gas, gold, silver etc.), consumer goods (cyclical and NON-cyclical), services, industrials etc. 

I believe that patience to wait for an excellent entry price is just as important as identifying an excellent company. Furthermore, I eat my own cooking and buy or sell the stocks I research for subscribers. I read many research reports and I do a lot of original research (call management teams, talking to my contacts, scour company's financials) to find the companies with the best chance to beat the index and provide significant yields.

Please check out "My Track Record" to find more details about my publicly available stock picks.