Terms And Conditions

Dear Reader,

Please read carefully the terms & conditions of this Bulletin:

1) This subscription is for a single user and no content will be shared or redistributed.

2) There is no fixed date in terms of when I post my pick(s). I will post it when I believe that the time is right.

3) In case I do not post any ticker (stock or ETF) during a calendar month, two things are going on:

A) I do not have any buying or selling opportunity that complies with my strict criteria during that month. However, the plan remains the same: The subscribers will get a minimum 12 tickers (stock or ETF) per calendar year or a minimum of 6 tickers (stock or ETF) per calendar 6 months.

If I post less than 12 tickers (stock or ETF) per calendar year or less than 6 tickers (stock or ETF) per calendar 6 months, the subscribers will be refunded on a proportional basis. In other words, the refund will be calculated on a percentage basis based on the total number of the posted tickers during the corresponding period. 

Alternatively and given the subscriber's consent, the refund can be "exchanged" with an updated thesis on my previous picks (up to 5 tickers).

B) I am dead. I am around 50 y.o., but life is unpredictable. In this case, your subscription fees (semi-annual, annual) will be lost because I am the only administrator and owner of this website.

4) I do not receive any commission from the subscriber's profits.

5) If my bullish bet drops or my bearish bet rises after the syndication date of my post, you can close your losing position anytime. In other words, the decision to activate the stop loss button and close your losing position is always left to your discretion. No matter what you decide to do, I will post update(s) to let you know whether something has changed on my call.